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Homeowners in Camarillo can count their blessings. They live in an ideal Mediterranean climate and in an economically prosperous area. That means, when it comes time to sell a home, there is a consistent demand from people who are anxious to purchase a home here. In a sense, it’s the ultimate sellers’ market. With that being said, there are very real advantages to professionally staging a home before it goes on the market.

One of the key benefits of staging a home is that it will make an excellent first impression on a prospective buyer. And that first impression is critical. Did you know that research indicates people actually make a decision to buy a home within the first two minutes after initially seeing it? The chance to make a good first impression applies to another group of people — Realtors. A professionally staged home can get a Realtor excited and want to show it to as many prospective buyers as possible. It makes sense; as business people, Realtors know when a home will sell quickly and make their job easier.

Proven Results For Staging Homes In Camarillo

There’s even better news. RESA – the Real Estate Staging Association — conducted a study that showed staged homes sell faster than unstaged homes. Using a

combination of 63 vacant and occupied homes, the study looked at homes that had been listed for sale on the market for an average of 143 days. The plan was to take the homes off the market and then have a number of professional stagers take charge. The homes were then re-listed, and the results were impressive. On average, the homes received their first offer to buy in 40 days — which is a remarkable 72 percent less time on market.

That’s not all. RESA conducted a follow-up study in order to gather even more data. This time, the group looked at a significantly larger sample — 481 homes, both vacant and occupied — that had been professionally staged before going to market. The outcome was even more impressive — the homes received their first offer to buy, on average, in 23 days! That’s the power of professional staging!

The Benefits of Home Staging

Selling your home faster and for the highest price possible are the two big benefits of professional staging. To accomplish those two goals, staging accomplishes the following:

  • Researching homes online is standard these days. In fact, 90% of prospective buyers house-hunt online before contacting a Realtor. These people are developing a short list and professionally staging your home helps make sure you’re on it.
  • Outshining the competition. When people house hunt, your professionally staged home will show better than other competing homes on the market.
  • Staged properties can not only increase the selling price but also the number of offers, especially in hot markets.
  • A psychological advantage. Staged homes are quite logically perceived as well maintained.
  • Realtors prefer to show staged properties more than the unstaged competition because they recognize that professionally staged homes are ready for their clients to move in — which means move fast!
  • Photos of professionally staged homes simply look better — and that’s invaluable when your home appears in the Multiple Listing Service and other marketing materials.

Who Should Consider Home Staging?

  • Homeowners. Many homeowners contact the stager even before hiring a Realtor. If some updates are needed — for example, paint, flooring, landscape work or updated light fixtures — this may be an especially good tactic.
  • Realtors. In our experience, Realtors often advise their clients to stage a home even before listing it. We enjoy working with Realtors to develop the best strategy for their clients.
  • Investors. Experienced investors who have discovered first-hand the benefits of professional staging may take the lead in staging a home.
  • Property managers. As a trusted advisor looking out for their clients’ best interest, property managers will often advise their clients to stage a home before listing.

We invite you to call Ventura County Home Staging today at (805) 409-4317. Whether you’re a homeowner, Realtor, investor or property manager, we will be happy to discuss how to sell your Camarillo home faster with Home Staging.